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Best 3 Tips to Sell a Pocket Listing for the First Time

Best 3 Tips to Sell a Pocket Listing for the First Time

Here’s how you make an off-market sale and avoid putting your house on the market

If you’re looking to sell a pocket listing, there are some things you should consider. While off-market deals are attractive to sellers for many reasons, some things can make or break a deal.

Because pocket listings are not available to all brokers on the MLS, marketing is completely on the seller.

The reasons many home sellers decide to sell off-market can include:

  • Wanting privacy about selling a property
  • Having an as-is property that’s only attractive to investors
  • Testing market demand and price accuracy
  • Avoiding fees and commissions
  • Speeding up the transaction process

Once you’ve decided to sell off-market, there are things you can do to make sure you get the most money. Here are 3 of the best tips.

1. Find an agent who has connections with qualified buyers

One of the ways a pocket listing can go wrong is having no buyers. When a home isn’t available to multiple brokers, not as many people will be able to see it and make an offer. This means if you’re not working with someone who can connect you with potential buyers, you will struggle.

The point of an off-market listing is to find the right buyer, not to find all buyers. If you work with an agent who has connections with qualified buyers, you’ll be more likely to succeed. Your agent will be able to promote your property to a list of possible buyers who are actively looking for pocket listings.

If you don’t have this advantage, no one who could buy will know your house is for sale!

2. Get to know investors in your market

Depending on the reasons you choose to sell a pocket listing, you may be targeting investors. This can happen if your property is in very poor repair and only investors would be interested. Either way, one of the most common types of buyers for pocket listings are real estate investors.

If you get to know investors in your local market, you’ll be able to get quality leads for any property. Investors are hungry for every deal they can get their hands on. Especially in markets with low supply. Knowing who regularly buys and sells homes in the local area will help you get your house in front of the right people. Plus, many investors are willing to pay more for an off-market deal.

3. Use your own creative marketing strategies

Because your home won’t be on the MLS, it’s your responsibility to make sure people know it’s for sale. If you use an agent with a good network, they may be able to help you. But ultimately, you want to make sure you’re marketing your home.

You could send out mailers, emails, or even promote it to your social media following. Whatever you can do to let potential buyers know you’re selling will help. 

Ways to get started selling your home off-market 

If you’re in East Tennessee, get in touch with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty TN the best realtors in the area. Realtors who know how to sell pocket listings quickly and efficiently. In fact, you may even be able to get your home promoted on his exclusive pocket listing site.

Selling a house off-market can achieve your goals the way an MLS listing won’t, but you need the right strategy. We can help you put together the most effective plan to get your home sold – unlisted. 

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